How to raise funds for a startup business

Ways to raise money for business startup - Prime intention behind this essay is to empower startups to rethink their game plan, develop strategies and go out into the market with the right attitude and a fair amount of structure that could enable them to identify their potential investors and provide them with what they might be looking for in a prospective investment-worthy venture. As a startup business owner, you're faced with a choice: pay your employee a market salary (say 0,000 per year) and take a bet that you can grow the business to justify the salary, or share risk with your employee by paying a below-market salary (say, ,000 per year) plus equity incentives (worth ,000 or more). Often the founder of these startups spends most of their time, energy, and efforts in developing strategies to attract funds and in the process to approach angel investors, venture capitalists, attending conferences (to promote their business and with the intent of impressing some key individuals to join their organisation as an investor). In doing so you are increasing your chances to attract investment, investors will not fund projects, wherein their funds are being used for development or marketing, they would prefer to invest in a venture at the stage of scaling.

How to Raise Money For a Startup | By Wall Street Survivor

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