How to mention part time job in resume

Include part time job in resume - Write "part time" where you usually place the job title and keep details brief (this can later be verbally explained as an assoicate level in the interview when you get to that point), so when the reviewers read the resume, their eyes naturally glide through that and land on the more impressive "manager" section. So this totally messed up my resume, leaving one job for another and being let go (it was phone sales and my #'s weren't enough, even though the whole time they said i was doing fine and still training). A part time job helps fill in the "white space" on the resume - time periods where you're out of work - and can help get past the dreaded "no unemployed need apply" nonsense. But until that time comes when you’ve piled on enough relevant experience, it doesn’t hurt to build up your resume with other gigs.

Job Search : How to Write a CV for Part-Time Work

When writing a CV for part-time work, only a few things need to be changed from a standard resume, including job objectives and ...