How to make your own franchise

How to make your own franchise - Libava, the declared “franchise king,” holds a conversation with palo alto software ceo sabrina parsons about finding the franchise that’s right for you:Cooking up a brand new idea has its value, but there’s no reason you can’t piggyback on a time-tested method and reap the benefits, as many franchisees are already doing today. "there is a great amount of information to understand about the fdd prior to putting one together, including what specific details need to be provided and how the franchisor's business model will work in the present and future of the franchise," tollefson said. You can hire outside consultants to assist with all this work but if you do, make sure you check references very carefully since there is a wide variance in terms of what these folks do and what they charge for it. "most commonly, business owners want to franchise because it is an effective way to expand a business, yet involves limited risk and less capital," said david lopez, ceo and co-founder of dental fix rx, a mobile dental-equipment repair-service franchise.

How to Franchise Your Business

The ins and outs of franchising in 3 minutes. Franchise consultants at the iFranchise Group lay out the basics for those asking ...