How to make more money as a freelance web developer

How to make money as a freelance web developer - …??to hell with this freelance web designing…i’m off to find a job with security where i can work less hours…have a steady check and have time to go to sleep before 12 am…i love this field of work, but you are right freelancing is no joke…if i sleep so does my business and with kids…i have no time to give myself that “don’t give up on your dreams” speech every 2 days…. I am a full time designer and front-end developer, and i do freelance in the evenings and/or weekends because i enjoy my work, i find it difficult to go out and getting new clients but i enjoy the work and as some mentioned above sometimes your waiting on content from the client, images or some other type of media. Many freelancers can say that they make a new youtube like project faster and better, but their portfolio can let potential customers know if this it is true or not (if he/she has worked on similar or more difficult projects than the one the clients wants, that should mean that the freelancer is able to do the job). Don’t freelance full time because i don’t like the risk, as i have been in this business for many years and seen so many industry changes, putting all my eggs in one basket is too risky but as one person mentioned it can be done, but its not all easy by any chance.

How much do freelance web developers make annually?

Here's the question: "How much do freelance full stack web developers make annually?" Here's the question on Quora: ...