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How to make money with business ideas - That’s done, then it might make sense to spread the word about your product via social media, etc… but until you’ve tested your offer against an actual client base and understand what it takes to successfully craft your business, it may be a waste of time to start off with concentrating on creating a website or developing a twitter/fb fan base. , even if we get past this initial paralysis, we can end up spending so much time building up an idea — naming the idea, designing business cards for the idea, putting up a website and figuring out exactly how to describe it to our friends — that when we forget the most critical part: seeing if there’s actually a paying market for that offering. […] earning more money: finding the right idea while i don’t think the ideas here are 100% perfect (i think some of the stuff he is against works very well for certain paths – it just doesn’t work for every path), i do think working through the ideas here can really help anyone who is struggling for ways to earn more. , made a very interesting comment that highlighted why many people can’t find a money-making idea that’s actually profitable:“many of the people who focus on the “save” half of things do so because when they focus on earning, the things that come to mind are so little that saving actually does measure up better.

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