How to make money selling on amazon uk

How to make money selling on amazon uk - A great way to get used to the sales and fba process- before leading into building your own product brand in a particular line – will also help you to get a decent seller rating to start with – but the “real” money is in your own branding and selling that on amazon for sure. Have a lot of experience with amazon fba (i have a table tennis business that has been running for a while, we currently have the number one best selling table tennis bat in the uk) but this was the first time we had ever tried doing some straight up retail arbitrage. By amazon, fba offered the opportunity for anyone in the world to source popular physical consumer products (think silicone baking trays, garlic presses, supplements and beauty products) to sell them in the usa, europe and beyond, without having to handle the goods and do all of the packing & shipping themselves. One part of my business which i knew i wasn’t focusing my attention on, was checking to see if amazon owed me money for any inventory problems – was i due any refunds for destroyed inventory, units that got damaged at their warehouses, units they lost or customer refunds?