How to make money running a dog rescue

How do you make money running an animal shelter - Facilities to safely house, feed and provide training and medical care for the number and type of animal you plan to rescue; board of directors, on-staff veterinarian(s), animal care workers/trainers, office staff, business license, non-profit certification, a lawyer, policies and standards, a budget and accounting/payroll system, volunteers, donors, phone, email, professional website, social media accounts, computer and shelter management software, insurance. There was shy-low bleu who came to me from arizona sheltie rescue after he was rescued from a horrific hoarding situation along with over 180 other animals that were all covered with urine and feces, lacking medical care and basic nutrition, packed into crates stacked one atop of another in a dark garage. Fundraising activities include applying for grants and endowments, hosting benefit events (dinner, fashion show, or art show), asking local animal businesses to keep a donation jar on their desk, seeking publicity from the media, and selling items such as tee shirts and hats featuring the rescue’s name and logo. You have a big heart for animals, a passion for rescuing them from neglect, abuse and disaster, and a head for the business end of the operation, you just might have what it takes to open an animal rescue shelter.

How to plan start and open an animal rescue shelter

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