How to make money buying and selling tickets online

How to make money buying and selling tickets online - Anyways, the only time i resell on stubhub is whenever i have to fulfill a minimum spend for the bonus points (most of the time it ranges 00-00 for a period of 3 months) but i really utilized my reselling skills a year ago when i had to meet k minimum spends for the the citi aaexec cards! , if you dabble in actually making this a career and jack up the prices and be a scalper, i agree with the others that there will be times when you’ll lose out; yet there will also be times you’ll make easy money. If you are very careful about only buying tickets that you have reason to believe are very safe (for and extreme example – front row seats to a clearly under-priced event, with no threat of a second show being added! I don’t think i could do that, because i know that there will be losses that need to be offset with gains (and they better be offset enough to make it worth my time and effort!

How To Make Money Buying and Reselling Tickets (1)

Video 1 explains the very basics of the BIG business of buying and reselling concert tickets, sports tickets, etc... Explained in a ...