How to make money being a stay at home mom

How to make money being stay at home mom - ’??s still fresh for me – the counting out change from the change jar to buy bananas before the next payday… the invitation of a meal shared with friends and knowing that it would give relief to your shrunken grocery fund… the tears of frustration at not being able to stretch the dollars quite as far as you’d like, and making difficult decisions on what to forgo. An online shop selling items you love and are passionate about (check out delia’s pantry: “i try and make if affordable for every one to have access to organic herbs spices and teas …and a few other things”, primal kitchen company, selling fermentation/pickling supplies, country bums – a cloth diaper shop, deborah & co – a clothing company for girls/women). Am a new sahm and before this page of my iife i was a chef so now i took my passion for culinary arts to the communities in my surrounding area to cater for a variety of functions keeps me busy and keeps the worker bee inside me happy as well as make a few bucks! While on mat leave with my 2nd, i realized that i was done trading my time for money and was completely consumed with learning about all the different ways to earn passive income – generating streams of income that comes in regularly with little to no effort once you’ve started it up.


Hey friends! In todays video Sarah from SensationalFinds shares ideas on how you can earn extra income, if your a stay at home ...