How to make money as an independent rapper

How do independent rap artist make money - Before him, canadian rappers consisted of talented local collectives that were ignored, to this day even, by their own markets and then of course backpack toting suburban kids who talked about keeping it real and smoking gosh darn marijuana cigarettes. When rappers don't have money, they are often ripe for mockery—just think of all the jokes people made about 50 cent when he declared bankruptcy (although he is very likely still rich as hell). The help of interscope-intern-turned-manager archie davis, kennedy has now graduated from being an unsigned artist – one without a record deal – to an independent artist – one who has chosen not to take a record deal. One respondent says hip-hop is their primary source of income, but they are not currently earning any money for their annual salary, despite receiving public grant funding in the past.

Rapper Marketing 911 - 5 Ways To Make Money ONLINE As An Independent Rapper

Rapper Marketing 911 - 5 Ways To Make Money Online As An Independent Rapper Artists, we are all familiar with the usual ...