How to make money as a freelance graphic designer

How to make money as a freelance graphic designer - I’ve purposely left out fiverr as it’s incredibly difficult to make any decent money if you like to take time to provide your clients with what they really need:Although this may not be your natural choice, if you’re a skilled designer with some spare time to ‘risk’, and are looking to build up some examples of your designs, occasionally checking out sites like 99designs can pay 9 for logo designs, 9 for web designs and so on. Picking a niche that you either have a passion for, or in which other people just aren’t doing a great job, you can easily become the go-to person in that area, create a massively impressive portfolio, and work on truly mastering your very specific craft in order to be able to charge much higher rates than most other designers. On the analysis of 30 files submitted a month ago in the psd templates category, i can conclude that the worst-selling template ended up making for its owners, the best-selling between these made 0, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want, or do not want to invest your time into stock graphics, and psd templates in specific. On the same note, two similar time taking design works might have different value preposition for the client, so its a designer's job to evaluate the value of his/her design, not in terms of the time being consumed but as per the value it has for the customer.

How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

Thanks for watching! Making money as a designer can be a bit hit and miss sometimes! So here are some great ways to make ...