How to make lots of money on hay day

How to make a lot of money on hay day - - start expanding your silo as much as you can (cap is 10k spaces), buy wheat at 1 coin from other people in the newspaper if necessary, fill the silo with wheat and nothing else, and visitors (npcs) will only ask for wheat, which is where the money comes from. Make sure to plant those crops before you go to sleep or if you're going to busy with work or school for a few hours; that way they'll be ready when you get back and you can harvest and use them as you need to. Of supercell’s top three best-selling games along with boom beach and clash of clans, hay day is a mobile mmo strategy game similar to farmville where players manage their farm, make it grow, and sell goods to earn coins and experience points. Below are some of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get the upper hand and to seamlessly grow your business and make huge amounts of money and experience points (xp).

Hay Day - How to Make Money in Hay Day

This video will show you how I make gold coins in the game of Hay Day. You don't have to copy me but for new players what I am ...