How to make fast money on the simpsons tapped out

How to make fast money on the simpsons tapped out - .The xmas trees only generates coins every 24hrs, you will be able to collect coins from the trees only if you happen to collect it before someone else does or before the owner of the town does, is very rare to be able to collect them, only if you are lucky enough, is better to actually pay more attention to the town, if you see that the person has a xmas tree, go check on the simpsons house, if it has xmas lights on, it will give you a xmas coin, usually a person have 3 houses that are lighted up, if they have only 1 or 2 houses, focus on the simpsons house, collect the coin, exit, wait like a minute, and then go back into the town and i will let you collect again from the simpsons house, do this until you max out the 3 times. Have to buy these with real money (they can rarely be found through other means, but see below for more information on this) and they can then be used to purchase exclusive characters and speed up your advancement through the game (apparently because they have been given super powers by the nuclear plant's radiation! I put the blue house and the pink house and mill houses house in my inventory and i added up with two more houses (pink/blue) for free now i'll get a little extra money or i can sell the houses and do it again and again getting free money. Visiting your neighbors towns sometimes you may see sideshow bob pop up, when this happens if you tap on him fast enough about three to four times he disappears and you'll receive around 75 dollars for tapping him, he only appears periodically so when you see him get you're money.

The Simpsons Tapped Out: Money Making Hints & Tips

TO ALL WHO ARE COMMENTING ON THIS VIDEO AT THE MOMENT You seem to miss 2 key points here: 1) This isn't a cheat ...