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Money making ideas for highschool students - -grade teacher sally moore says with two teachers in the class – even for the few hours a day – one can circulate to help a child who doesn’t understand, assist with a behavioral issue, or highlight something a student said quietly that the teacher at the front of the classroom wouldn’t have been able to hear. “??that’s when i thought, ‘well, he can’t read and he can’t write, but look at him engaging in all this high level academic conversation that if we were pulling him out during this time period, he wouldn’t have this opportunity. “??things very dramatic like a parent being incarcerated, or a parent dying or things like the family got kicked out of housing and so now parents are transitioning having to drive them to school,” she says. The school’s english language teacher would pull them out of class a few times a day, for up to 45 minutes, to work on vocabulary and try to get caught up.