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How to make big money in a day - My name’s mark and i did trading, i had to send identification, such as my driving licence and a utility bill, and once i sent them in i could start trading i payed £250 to start it up but my trading adviser left me to it, and never helped me, i contacted him a few time to asked for help on some aspects of how to trade but he never got back to me so i took a chance and went alone but i lost all my money i put in which now as made me very weary of starting it back up. I know you can’t make a video for everything and i know being a month into training that i am not seeing every consoidation correctly but i would like to see your take on being very selective and what to watch for in low volitility on the eurusd chart. Want to start trading but not not got a trading account yet, but my question is when i do set a trading account up what is the lease amount of money i can put in my trading account where i can start making a good amount of money. Cringe every time someone tells me that because they can make, say, a 100% return a year from day trading and therefore, they’ll be able to increase their wealth 1000 times in a decade, by, as you say, “perpetually compounding” at those insanely high returns.

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