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Cheapest hotel franchise to own - I can get you a good restaurant manager who can keep your food and staffing costs down, but certain minimums will have to be spent anyway no matter what she does; and unless we have a way to get people into that restaurant on a daily basis (do not assume that all hotel guests will eat there), either by keeping our meeting and banquet facilities just that busy, or making your restaurant the favorite eating place of a sufficient mass of people in town; then that food and beverage operation is going to be a monster to feed in terms of operating overhead, and will run in the red and perhaps even cause your entire hotel to do so, by eating up all of your room profits and then some. /digital vision/getty images suggest an article correction related searches more articles how to buy a burger king franchise how to build a budget for a new hotel hotel night audit procedures franchise presentation ideas also viewed hotel employee functions roles & responsibilities of a marketing manager in the hotel industry due diligence checklist for a franchise hotel front office organizational structure components of a private franchise how to sell a franchise back to the franchiser how osha regulations affect the hotel business. And restrictions: whether franchisees are an individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership or entity, they are at all times responsible for the management of the hotel's business they may fulfill this responsibility only by providing (i) qualified and experienced management, satisfactory to the franchisor, which may be a third-party management company, and (ii) general manager, satisfactory to the franchisor, which it has approved in writing at least 6 months before the hotel opens. The franchisor licenses the hampton inn hotel system, which consists of the elements, including know-how, that it periodically designate to identify hotels operating worldwide under two brands: “hampton inn” hotels, designed to provide distinctive, high quality hotel service to the public at moderate prices, and “hampton inn & suites: hotels, designed to combine standard guest rooms with a significant block of studio guest suites.

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