How to get translation work online

How to get translation work online - Advice is to keep expanding your vocabulary in subject matter that you want to work with (it helps to use tools like memrise and anki for this), read up on some translation theory/methods with books like this and this (familiarize yourself with important issues related to creativity and flexibility in translation, ethics and so on), and most importantly translate everything you can get your hands on for practise. ’??ve been fortunate enough to get quite a bit of translation work lately while i’m waiting for my visa to come through for my next big move (it’s been a frustrating wait dealing with annoying red tape since it’s one of the hardest countries in the world to visit but hopefully i won’t have to wait much longer! Working for translation agencies is often the easiest option when you start out, but they usually pay a lot less than direct clients (companies and institutions) and there are many bad apples out there, so you should always check an agency’s reputation before accepting to work for them and don’t let yourself be exploited by those that pay peanuts!  ?3 years ago hi jennifer, i am a half chinese and half american, and currently i was trying to look for an on line translation job for some extra cash, but saw a lot of scam or fraud, some of them even ask for fees to sign up.

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