How to get money out a vending machine

How to get money from vending machines - Morelife hacks tips1000 life hackssex hacksbeauty life hackslife hacks freelife hacks moneylife hacks websitescool life hacksrandom factsforward1000 life hackssee morerandom factsfun factsrandom stuffrandom thingsgood thingscrazy factsawesome thingsstop signslove lifeforwardso true, we had one of these our neighbor had put up on our street! The newer soda machines sort the coins and will stack them properly in the change making device, and those coins will be used when buying with a dollar bill (or with a higher amount than the price of the soda). On the coffee machine when i went to university, if you pressed the button for ordinary coffee repeatedly fast enough, something went wrong and it went into a selftest and gave you a free cup of coffee. Coin changer can be set in "test" mode to drop/empty the stacks of change, however i've only seen a switch that is inside the machine to activate that mode.

How To Get Free Money From A Vending Machine

By entering in the code 5727431, most vending machines will spew out money.