How to get money in pokemon x and y

How to get money in pokemon x and y fast - The only way to obtain meowth and persian is to transfer them to the game using the pokémon bank software, which will not be available until december 27 until that time, using pay day as a means to make money is not a viable option.  ?2 years ago from australiai also am a huge hoarder of money in the pokémon games and i never even end up using all of it, i'm really cheap and it just ends up in my pokémon fainting a lot when they shouldn't! When there are shops in lumiose city asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars for a simple shirt, having a method to make a lot of money fast can be really important in pokemon x and y. The more people you beat at the chateau usually causes people willing to dish out more money to appear and even if they don't you can get 6-14k per battle against a single level 20 or so.

Pokemon X & Y: Money Making Guide!

Three ways you can make a lot of money in Pokemon X & Y if you're low on cash, just make sure you have the Amulet Coin/Luck ...