How to get a job as a paid blogger

How to find paid blogging jobs - I need some money 😉 i keep going back & forth trying to decide if giving up my good stuff to gain viewers at my blog (hopefully) and get paid to do is is worth the trade off of not having my original content on my own blog. , if you’re stuck for ideas, you might check out the post on copyblogger called “22 ways to create compelling content when you don’t have a clue [infographic]” it’s a great resource for ideas and specifically mentions reusing (or repurposing) your current content. Ñ?ol: obtener un empleo como escritor de blogs pagado, italiano: ottenere un lavoro retribuito come blogger, русский: стать оплачиваемым блоггером, português: conseguir um trabalho pago de blogger, français: obtenir un emploi de blogueur rémunéré, bahasa indonesia: mendapat pekerjaan sebagai blogger. Are plenty of paid blogging gigs out there, both for people who want to make a few extra dollars writing about a topic of interest and for people who want to turn freelance blogging into a full-time career.

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How to Get Paid to Blog | How to Blog Bren & Mike Show ...