How to earn profit in share market

How to earn profit in share market - There are so many variables involved that the short-term price movements appear to be random (academics call this the random walk theory); however, over the long term, a company is supposed to be worth the present value of the profits it will make. In the short term, a company can survive without profits because of the expectations of future earnings, but no company can fool investors forever—eventually, a company's stock price can be expected to show the true value of the firm. Had you thought that this stock was going to return to its lower initial position, you would have missed out on the subsequent rise to 0,000 per share over the years. Something is generally better than nothing, but it is crucial in the stock market that individual investors have a clear understanding of what they are doing with their money.

How to Earn Profit from Stock Market (Hindi)- how to pick profitable trades or stocks

Hello Friends, In this video (How to Earn Profit from Stock Market (Hindi), I am sharing my learning and strategy as How you can ...