How to earn money from facebook page likes

Earn money by clicking like on facebook - Here is the final screenshot of created offer:If you know about facebook edge rank, by default any status update you post on fan page, doesn’t reach to all and that’s where facebook come with sponsored stories, where you set a budget to make your status update or offer reachable to more facebook users. More dates mean giving them a reason to come back to your page time and time again, getting them to participate in discussions, share stories, or take advantage of a special promotion or offer and, equally as important, getting them to share the content you create on your facebook page. Your example is definitely great from the standpoint of driving those likes, however, most small(er) businesses don’t have the time/resources to come up with a new offer every day, especially if that means there are graphics/other changes to be made to promote the offer. It’s something else that we don’t know and we don’t learn how to use it, maybe we can all make money for them by clicking and sharing but also we can make money for our self if we manage how to use the clicks.

How To earn money from Facebook page likes

A Tutorial a bout How To earn money from Facebook page likes.