How to do online share trading in sbi

How to do online share trading in sbi - Open sb & pis accounts with sbi and demat & trading accounts with other broker:Please fill following account opening applications and send it to your desired or existing home branch in india along with the supporting kyc documents as mentioned in the applications:Please fill nre sb account opening application, if not having presently. Give details of your demat and trading accounts, if already existing or please open these accounts with the broker of your choice and provide the details of the same on pis account opening application. Proceeds (after payment of applicable taxes) of shares and convertible debentures which were acquired on repatriation basis under pis and sold on stock exchange through registered broker. Online in equities, derivatives, ipos, and mutual funds with the comfort of your home or office through our 4-in-1 account consisting of:Nre savings bank (sb) account.