How to do marketing through facebook

How to do marketing through facebook - Second reason post reach has fallen is that facebook’s algorithm is designed to show the most relevant content to users; and relevancy is determined by – among thousands of other factors – how a person has interacted with a page’s posts in the past (likes, comments, shares), the type of post being shared (image, video, link, etc. Facebook has addressed this concern, stating that falling reach is the result of two main factors: first, because of the sheer amount of content being shared each day, there is simply not enough room in users’ newsfeeds to show every single post. Best practices for promoting or ‘stirring’ a facebook post include asking yourself a number of questions about the shelf-life (s), timing (t), impact (i) and results (r) of your post, as seen here:Image courtesy of convince and convert.  ?you can target your facebook ads exclusively to users who are already connected to your facebook page, or you can choose to target them and their friends, or those who aren’t connected to your page yet at all.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2016 | 1 Secret but Powerful Facebook Marketing Tip

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