How to buy an existing business with no money uk

How to buy an existing business with no money - We asked mike handlesman if it really is possible to buy a small business with no money down, that is, with 100% seller financing, he answered that is possible, but it won’t be easy, noting, “most sellers have been waiting for 20 years to retire and won’t want to wait longer to cash out. , if you are likely to be a business owner interested in running a lifestyle business (a business whose main purpose is to provide a good standard of living and job satisfaction for you as an owner) then you are unlikely to provide the high financial return that venture capital investors are looking for. Any good business coach, handelsman thinks you need to begin with the basics: “start with a self analysis, decide what you are good at, figure out whether you are an entrepreneur and then start thinking about the sort of business that fits your interests and affords you the right type of income. Whatever method you use to determine the fair market price of the business, your assessment of the business's value should take into account such issues as the business's financial health, its earnings history and its growth potential, as well as its intangible assets (for example, brand name and market position).

How To Buy A Business With No Money - Dan Lok

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