How to buy an existing business in alberta

Buying a small business in alberta - When preparing the asset list (spec sheet), for instance, the seller could have used: book value (based on the company's balance sheet),modified book value (book value adjusted to reflect the current market value of the assets),replacement value (based on what it would cost to replace the asset),or liquidation value (based on what the asset would bring in if the business was liquidated). Buying a business can truly be the opportunity to own and operate the successful business you've been dreaming of - as long as you resist the temptation to get drawn in by a shiny paint job and do more than just kick the tires before you make an offer. So it might be worth asking the seller about what kinds of things they have done to market their business and to generate inquires from new prospects, says boehm, at least so that you know what you might need to do more of once you take over. Husband and i are both disabled veterans and want to buy a bait and tackle business that has been established for 30 plus years with an attached residence with a 340k revenue but we have nothing for down payment and low credit scores can we get financed?

Buying an Existing Business

Understand the issues when buying a business.