How to buy a small business with no money down

How to buy a business with no money down - Should i approach this i have a 670 credit score i have 15k to put down i want to buy a vending route the route price is 123k problem is i have student loan still showing for about 80k been paying on that for a long time i make from my job a little over 5k month and i have an old auto loan now at 17k how should i approach this. You don’t meet the requirements of a bank loan or sba loan, if you don’t have time for the lengthy underwriting process, or if you’re lacking cash saving for the down payment, consider using retirement funds in a robs, negotiating seller financing, or tapping the equity in your home. Their approach could come in handy for many would-be buyers, given that 33% of deals now take place when owners are retiring, according to the 3rd quarter 2014 market pulse survey published by the international business brokers association (ibba), m&a source and the pepperdine private capital market project. Husband and i are both disabled veterans and want to buy a bait and tackle business that has been established for 30 plus years with an attached residence with a 340k revenue but we have nothing for down payment and low credit scores can we get financed?

How To Buy A Business With No Money - Dan Lok

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