How much part of russia is in europe

How much of russia belongs to europe - Dmitry gorenburg, an expert on the russian military with the center for naval analyses in arlington, virginia, told radio free europe that kaliningrad is the “obvious place” to build up military hardware: “it's almost like you can set it up as a forward-operating base without leaving your own country’s territory. Research centerjul 14, 2015climate change seen as top global threatpew research centerjun 27, 2007global unease with major world powers and leadersglobalmay 24, 2017majorities in europe, north america worried about islamic extremismglobalmay 23, 2017nato’s image improves on both sides of atlanticreligionmay 22, 2017most in former yugoslavia favor multicultural society, although some tensions remain. Among orthodox christians, the patriarch of moscow – who is the head of the russian orthodox church – is more widely viewed as the highest authority in orthodoxy than is the patriarch of constantinople, despite the latter position’s traditional status as “first among equals” among orthodox leaders. Indeed, russia is widely viewed by the region’s orthodox christians as an important counterweight to western influences and as a global protector of orthodox and ethnic russian populations, according to a new pew research center survey of 18 countries in central and eastern europe.

Is Russia In Europe Or Asia?

Subtitles Available- Russia, the largest country on Earth. Home to over 200 million people and an important player on the world ...