How much money do you need to start trading currency

How much money do you need to start trading - Order to do so, you can apply the following formula that will tell you how much you can trade depending on the size of your trading account and the size of the stop loss:position size in lots = (account size x the % risk per trade) / (stop loss in pips x loss per pip per lot)lets say that you have a ,000 trading account and you have a 15 pip stop loss. However, the size of your stop loss will also determine the size of your position, because whatever your trading capital is, the larger the stop loss, the more you will have to reduce your position size to make sure that you keep within the correct limits of money management. This means that one standard lot has a value of roughly per pip (depending on the currency pair you are trading), so if the market moves 1 pip in your favour, you make ; if the trade moves against you, then you will lose per pip. Cost of trading forexusing stop lossesleverage in forex tradingmoney management to enhance your performancetake profit: setting profit targetsscaling in and out of tradestrailing stop loss orderadvanced scaling in'advanced scaling in' webinarkelly criterionenrol to this course and start learning!

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