How much money do i need to travel in japan

How much money do i need to travel in japan - If you're traveling alone or with a small thrifty group you can often save money by staying in a capsule hotel or an internet cafe:Capsule hotels were invented to give japanese business men a place to sleep until the first train of the next day if they missed the last train home. It's a good idea to plan at least one night's stay in a traditional japanese inn (ryokan), which will give you a good taste of the traditions of japan, even though this might be pricier than your other budget stays. Are passes for each city that could potentially save you money, but since i was bouncing from place to place and not staying in one city for 2-3 days most of them weren’t worth it to me. If you buy your pass online you can save a lot more money than i did, but since i needed to purchase mine last minute (and in south korea) i bought a 21 day pass from a travel agency.

Visiting Japan: How much money do I need? (staying over 1 month)

Wes talks about his budget, expenses and all aspects related to money in regards to his 6 week trip to Tokyo. This video is geared ...