How much money can you make writing a romance novel

How much money can you make writing a romance novel - "read more: the controversial chinese gay erotic novel you can finally read in englishdespite what you may have read about dinosaur erotica, johnson says there's not actually much of a market out there for authors like chuck tingle (moderately famous for absurdist classics like "my ass is haunted by the gay unicorn colonel," "slammed in the butthole by my concept of linear time," and the newly hugo-nominated "space raptor butt invasion. I have struggled a lot in the past with my writing career in so many ways, and i’m not proud to say that i became very paranoid when my freelance writing colleagues / mentors talked about people that always sought help but never followed through that they might be referring to me, and that i might be frustrating them. "an awesome email to wake up to was last year in june when i was told that i was going to be paid 75–90 percent less on my erotica stories starting in two weeks," scarlett skyes, a 35-year-old new zealander who moved from a sales career to erotica writing in 2012 and now also writes novels under different pen names. Which is why what i will say is that i think earning ,000 to ,000 per month writing romance is very possible within six months – if you constantly put out new titles (eg, one a week; minimally two to three per month) and follow some of the marketing advice discussed within – which is very minimal.

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