How much money can you make with a travel blog

How much money can you make with a successful blog - Article, my little two cents here is similar to that of sab’s, my travel blog certainly doesnt have anywhere near the traffic i would like it to nor what others have but i am successfully funding my trips and travel, as its still in its early stages the key for me to earn a living is to work with companies and offer them a unique product through my photography, i am a motorsport photography as well, specifically i photograph the world rally championship, what i have done is successfully incorporate my travels for the wrc with other travel in between, right now i am typing this in the alps of poland documenting my 18 days through poland between rallies, i contact rental companies, various accommodation, photography gear companies and tourism boards and anyone else who might be interested and produce content for them based on where i am going, so far its working perfectly, i think a lot of people expect everything to be thrown at them and for companies to contact them left right and centre, i have learned that doesnt happen, you either chase or you miss out, i have a 3 week trip to iceland in nov/dec this year and pretty much the entire trip is funded by companies who want content and similar to the expert vagabond i am also an ambassador for a number of companies which helps a great deal. Knew i had enough awesome travel experiences under my belt to warrant a site, i knew that i had travelled a lot further, to a lot more interesting destinations with a lot more crazy stories to share than a lot of the big names in the community so i thought i’d start sharing them with the world, who knows what it could lead to. A year went in a heartbeat, and although i was based in bangkok, thailand i still traveled a fair bit in those 12 months – malaysia (twice), burma, hong kong, macau, north korea, china, south korea, all over thailand, i even filmed a tv show for a thai travel programm complete with an all expense paid trip to taiwan for a month! I’ve always known that blogging was way more work than it looks but having someone who’s really making it their full-time job lay everything out like this is not only a great opportunity for other people to see that things aren’t all sunsets and mixed drinks but also for us to appreciate how hard you work.

How Much Do Travel Bloggers Get Paid?

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