How much do you get paid for donating blood uk

How much do you get paid for blood donation - Meanwhile, voluntary uk donors might want reassurance that their blood is not sold for commercial gain: it isn’t; their donations are separated into red cells and platelets, which are supplied to uk hospitals at cost price, and the nhs is self-sufficient in these products. Incompatibility was still a hazard, but when better cross-matching and screening became routine, the risks were all but forgotten – until 1983, when the risk of hiv through donated blood was recognised, after the deaths of haemophiliacs in the us. Way to make some cash if you are not averse to being poked with needles for moderate pay is to sell platelets, which are tiny cell fragments that clot your blood when you've got an open wound. Even if testing kits are available and used, turning blood into a commodity opens the door to commercial pressures: donors are dishonest about their risk factors, companies turn a blind eye and cut corners.

How to Get Paid for Donating Plasma

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