How much do i need to start a small business

How much do i need to start a small business - Best approach is to test your idea in a small, inexpensive way that gives you a good indication of whether customers actually need your product and how much they're willing to pay for it, mccahon said. Bill brigham, director at the new york state small business development center in albany, new york, advised new business owners to project their cash flows for at least the first three months of the business's life. Entrepreneurs who own a business similar to the one you intend to start are a superb resource for start-up cost information, says stephen bates, owner of management analysis group, a small-business consulting firm in seattle. This is particularly crucial when starting a new business — and you may want to set aside as much as a year’s worth of cushion to give yourself a comfortable margin for your learning curve.

How much money do you need to start a business

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