How many hours is a part time job in canada

How many hours is a part time job in canada - Personal information collected will be administered in accordance with the department of employment and social development act, the privacy act and other applicable privacy laws governing the protection of personal information under the control of the department of employment and social development. You accurate information about your claim, including how you can share parental benefits with your ei-eligible spouse or partner and compassionate care benefits with other ei-eligible family members, and whether or not you will need to serve a one-week waiting period; and. Ei benefits are paid after the death of someone in your family, the legal representative must repay the overpayment by making a cheque or money order to the receiver general for canada and sending it to the nearest overpayment recovery office. You indicate that you have taken measures to be reached if an employment opportunity presents itself during your absence and that you are able to return to canada within 48 hours, we will accept that you have proven your availability.

Canadian Jobs Have Poor Pay and Hours

Meet the Canadians who are scrambling to survive on part-time work and low wages. Watch the full report here: ...