How long is a money order good for western union

How long is a money order good for western union - More: how money order scams work how to: verify funds on a money order whatever you do, never accept a money order for more than you asked for, cash it, and send the excess funds back to your “customer. At the time of publication, fidelity express states that if you do not cash a money order within 2 years of the date of issuance, a fee of will be deducted for each month from the date of purchase. If you belong to a credit union, you might be able to visit the branch of another institution that uses the same shared branching network (so you don’t have to go to your credit union). So, if you are using money orders to pay bills (presumably because you don’t have a checking account), buy them at walmart, but ask people who pay you to buy them at the post office.

Western Union Girls won't refund my Money on a Money Order

I bought a money order and wrote it to Infiniti Finance. Long story. Turns out they needed a bank check. Not sure what the ...