How hard is it to start your own company

How hard is it to start your own company - I also clearly remember those moments of "man i wish someone would have told me to do that" i am actually having one of those moments today as i realized that we need to get more feedback from our clients on a consistent basis to not just the project managers but to the company leadership to ensure that we are running a service not just doing seo.

thank you mike for the insights, it is resourceful, i start my software business but over the years, i feel renting offices is more expensive than building a head office structure, so i want to ask you how the office space setup in organised at your company, do you live and work at the same place, as in how do you balance work and family? , i'd add that one of the most important lessons your post underlines is that of having the right "mind-set", both in running, building and growing your own business and in overcoming the day-to-day challenges / struggles we all face - i think the key is to not let problems that arise, knock the wind out of you but to learn form them and move on asap. It became very apparent that their wasn't a search volume or a desire for internet marketing in the marketplace (though we did get 100 people to a localu event in burley and brought david mihm, matt mcgee, mary bowling, and ed reese into town for it) so i decided to focus on just getting referrals from anywhere and clients started coming in for random places.


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