How does olx website make money

How does olx website make money - With platforms like olx, they bring people who want to get money in return for their products and hence a lot of people log in on a daily basis. . premium ads:if you want your products or services to make more visible or reach out more viewers to sell it faster, then premium ad is a good option. If you can drive enough traffic to your website, then you can place ads through google’s adsense system and you can see the money roll in. . sponsored ads / banners:beside adsense ads, quikr or olx sells its website space to various enterprises to display their ads or banners, just like adsense ads.

How Olx make money ? Business model of Olx and Quikr

Friends, in this video you will learn about how olx and quikr make money from their service that is what is business model of quikr.