How does google make money per click

How does google make money through advertising - Google with their pay per click lets you know just how effective your adds are, for example you can run a number of different key-word related adds like pay day loan and see which one is the most effective, you can see which one actually resulted in the most sales. Proprietary technology automatically matches ads to the content of the page on which they appear, and advertisers pay us either when a user clicks on one of its ads or based on the number of times their ads appear on the google network. Might also likelearn exactly how to make money online with google adwords without a websiteover 40 google adsense alternatives to make money bloggingpropeller ads review: pros & consĀ and everything you need to knowgoogle adsense program policies: everything you need to knowbing ads vs. Example, when using the google ppc keyword discovery tool, normally you would have to review your pay-per click keyword list manually, export your selected keywords into a spreadsheet, review the data, and then decide how to proceed.