How does a business franchise work

How does a business franchise work - Business franchise is an agreement between the franchise and the business owner where the owner agrees to pay a certain amount of money for use of the business' name and usually requires the business owner to pay the business entity a certain percentage of sales. You are looking to work with people with many, many years of experience in the business, so that when the tough times hit (as they inevitably do) there's a good chance they will figure out solutions to keep you successful. You have an undergraduate degree from a top university or an mba or a law degree under your belt, you may well be bored out of your skull after a year or two running a franchised business. /casualty, liability and other insurance-you should make a copy of the franchise's insurance requirements from the ufoc, fax them to your insurance brokers, and ask for premium quotes before you sign the franchise agreement.

How Franchising Works: An illustrated guide

An efficient business model blamed by some for low wages, franchising squeezes small-business owners between corporations ...