How do you start a nonprofit organization

How do i start my own non profit organization - The organization is getting donations and giving something in return, the organization should create a “quid pro quo” disclosure statement informing donors that the amount of the contribution that is tax deductible is limited to the difference between the amount of the contribution and the value of goods or services received in exchange (which should be estimated in a document given to the donor). The primary purpose to be accomplished by a nonprofit is its mission -- whether it is feeding the disabled or putting on theater performances -- anyone who forms a nonprofit will soon realize that they are also running a business and in order to achieve their mission they must run their business well. When it is realized that for even the smallest nonprofit there are a number of systems for recording information that need to be set up and reports that have to be filed with the government; that there are myriad aspects to payroll (taxes, withholding, forms reports, etc. Needs range from the concrete -- setting up financial systems, payroll and opening a bank account; hiring staff and preparing a personnel manual; buying the right kinds of insurance -- to the conceptual -- organizational structure, mission statements, long-range planning, evaluation, etc.

[How to] Start a Non-Profit Organization, Mission, Vision, Goals and Purpose

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