How do i setup a server for my small business

How do i setup a server for my small business - Can install one of them on a pc and use it as a server if you like, but if you have a large business it would be wise to consider purchasing a stand-alone server for the job, especially if you are going to be adding or expanding to your network in the future. Keep in mind, though, that open frame racks may have special mounting requirements, such as being bolting to the floor, while wall-mounted cabinets may not be suitable for loads heavier than network switches or just a few servers. Application servers, such as hp’s microserver gen8  share folders and printers too, but they use a full-fledged server operating system that can run myriad types of software and typically provides a broader repertoire of features. , application servers almost always cost more than nas servers (beefier hardware specs and the server os software both push up the price tag), and they may not be quite simple enough for non-techies to manage.