How do i make an instagram account for my business

How do i make an instagram for my business - Then a month i used the feature “switch to business” instagram account ( as i had not done before), since then all my posts that should be going to my business facebook page (tessuti) started going directly to my personal facebook page, it is very frustrating because all settings are correct… showing the link to my business facebook account (tessuti). Up for an instagram account and choose a username that clearly represents your brandadd a profile photo, a biography and a link to your websitelink your account to facebook and many other third-party sharing sites where you have an account. , in order to get the most out of your instagram account, integrate it with your other social media networks, make sure your content is varied, use relevant hashtags, create community and use analytics to identify and evaluate instagram metrics. I set this business account up & i was finished suddenly my business profile showed all the content of my personal profile (bio & photos) but it listed me as a food company (because the company is indeed for food).

Converting an Instagram Profile to a Business Account

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