How do i make a gift payment on paypal

How to make paypal payment as gift - % of the balances on the account (excluding any balance on a deferred interest purchase prior to its expiration date and easy payments purchase prior to its end date) on the last day of the billing cycle plus:Any interest assessed in that billing cycle (excluding any accrued interest on a deferred interest purchase billed in that billing cycle); and. Helpsearching & researchingfinding itemsmanaging your resultsbidding & buyingbuying basicsall about biddingmanaging your buying activityresolving buying problemsbecoming an informed buyerselling & seller feesselling basicsseller fees & invoicescreating effective listingsmanaging your selling activityresolving selling problemsbecoming a better sellerusing selling toolsselling with an ebay storepayment & shippingpaying for itemsreceiving paymentpacking & shipping itemsfeedbackall about feedbackmembership & accountgetting started on ebayregistration and account infosharing with ebay membersprotecting your accountrules & policies. Pays to any recipient of a cash advance may be less than the cost of the purchase or cash advance, because: (i) the merchant may agree that we or a third party may retain a portion of the cost in order to participate in paypal credit, or (ii) paypal, inc. However, if you have a balance on a deferred interest purchase, during the two billing cycles immediately preceding its expiration date, we may use the payment, after the amount to pay billed monthly plan payments on any easy payments purchases to pay the balance on such deferred interest purchase.

How to send money via paypal gift friends and family

quick tutorial for anyone who could use help.