How do i get money someone owes me

How do i get money someone owes me - I went into my credit union got a printout of exactly how much money i took out and how many times money was actually put back into a specific account so i have the proof in the two years she’s only paid me back 0 of the 3000 and we got into this huge fight because i asked her to provide me the names of the payday loan places and how much each one was individually and she said that’s not what i asked you why are you being so rude you always make it about you and whatever bs. Then i had to go to the dentist pay 10 grand to have all my teeth pulled because i had an infection so bad to the bone it would have killed me in 10 days i also had to pay 3 grand for the anesthesiologist so the money did not go to shopping trips or new cars or anything else it went to things were absolutely necessary for me and she guilted me into giving her that money and now because i called her on the carpet she’s turned around and made it beyond personal. I was told the card was for her mom’s loan so i would put the min payment in 1 day the atm would not take the money i went in to the bank they told me i can not use someone else’s card i said it was for a loan payment they said it was for a checking account call the ex girlfriend that she need to start paying her mom back she told me not her problem that it is mine now. Fiend borrows money from her mom to help use out of debt her mom tells her to get me to sign a payment agreement and to hand over all the money to me,my girlfriend get the money spend it on some other thing then our debt then tells me cause i took care of her for 4 yrs she is going to pay off the mother but if i could pay the interest of the loan till she starts her new job.

How to get Your money back that someone owe you

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