How do i donate my body to science in florida

How do i donate my body to science in pennsylvania - My mom and dad raised me to know that a body is just a shell, and if my body can help people learn the skills needed to catch criminals, deturmine time of death days, weeks or even months after a passing, and all the other skills that are gained from such things, then i think it’s a good thing to do. That’s not to say that those things aren’t worthy – in fact, i believe they are – but you should be aware of all the possibilities, especially if you’re considering giving your body to one of those companies that sells cadavers and body parts for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Why spend a dime on a burial or cremation, if you can negotiate a fee for your (no longer needed) body that you can use to improve the quality of life for your family now, while you are still breathing; as well as further the medical & scientific fields. It can also mean going to a lab where rate of human decomposition under different circumstances is tested, where growth rate of maggots is measured for forensic science purposes, where the body is used as a “real” crash-test dummy…it’s not all medical students and sterile labs.

Body Worlds: Donating Your Body to Science

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