How can i transfer money to someone else account

How can i transfer money to someone else account -  ? i went to my local branch and had someone help me set up having a check delivered to my landlord's bank with her account and routing number attached so that the other bank would deposit it for her, and that process fell apart after only a few months, resulting in my landlord not getting paid one month, and being double paid another month. If, however, if you inadvertently send money to a recipient you didn't intend, there are steps you can take:As long as the recipient has not yet claimed the money, you can cancel the payment as described above in can i cancel a payment. ., the mecca of internet startups and general web awesomeness, and i find that neither capital one nor the united nations federal credit union accounts i have will allow me to transfer money to a bank of america account that belongs to my landlord. In australia, where i spent 10 years developing software for lenders/banks you can operate the same way as described in the original question (overnight transfer to anyone) and cheques are not only never used, if you try, people will laugh at you.

How to Send Money to Others Online

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