How can i access my computer at work from home

How do i access my computer at work from home - For example, if you know how to use remote desktop, a built-in feature of windows, to control a computer in a different room of your home, how about doing that from somewhere away from home, and save yourself from having to pay for similar services such as logmein or gotomypc? Tidbit - the employee should send an e-mail to their self with their work ip address so that they will have the ip address in an e-mail for later reference at home or while traveling so that they can connect to fsu resources. Note that you'll need windows professional or higher for this feature to be available—windows home and home premium users will have to try one of the alternatives listed below—but that's usually pretty easy to get at a low price. To do this, first you need to activate that service on the particular computer (that is, make sure the remote desktop feature is enabled on the computer), and then configure the router to forward that service's port to that computer involved.

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