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Best home based makeup business - Here are some examples of products marketed as cosmetics:makeupmoisturizershair dyes, permanent waves, straighteners, and removersperfumes and colognesnail care productsif a product is intended to affect the way a person’s body works, or to treat or prevent disease, it’s a drug, but sometimes it is both a cosmetic and a drug depending on its claims. Clara is a social selling beauty company based in boston and founded in 2012 by an mit-educated chemical and biological engineer who previously launched a beauty brand online and reached over 200,000 customers in the first year. This ground-floor business opportunity offers a competitive compensation package, extensive training, access to free and deeply discounted fundanoodle product and a unique opportunity to turn your passion for hands-on learning into a lucrative, flexible career. It's a way for each of our consultants to earn 50% commission on every sale while building a business they can be proud of, with plenty of time left over for family and personal activities.

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Sell Makeup From Home - http://bit.ly/1qSWzY8 Sell Makeup From Home There are many who desire to promote cosmetics online ...