Fill out money order western union

Fill out money order western union - People don’t have their proof of purchase receipts and merely fill out refund request forms with the serial numbers and amounts of the money orders, then they must call western union’s customer service number and speak with a representative to obtain a western union affidavit that verifies their identities. It is also a good idea for them to know the serial numbers of the money order as well as the amounts that they sent because as long as they know this information, they can still fill out refund request forms even if they don’t have their receipts. Life is much easier (and less expensive) if you have an account for storing spending money, plus you can write checks or use your debit card instead of going out for a money order every time you need to make a payment. For usps money orders, the address section on the left is for the recipient’s address (other money orders typically use this space for your address) – so you’ve got space for both addresses.

How to write a money order"Western Union"-SHAHED!!!

Your attitude makes you Professional....... Here I am basically showing how to write a money order. I chose western union money ...